Some Say No To White House Visit But There Will Be A Victory Parade Tuesday

By Tiffany Williams –

The Patriots just won their 6th Super Bowl and on Tuesday the team will have a victory parade in Boston but a trip to the White House, some Patriots players are already saying no.

Duron Harmon is one of those players publicly speaking out telling TMZ, “Nah, man”.

Devin McCourty has also said that he would not go and twin brother Jason McCourty told the AP, “I highly doubt it.”

As for the Duck Boats, well Mayor Walsh says they’re fired up and ready to go.

The victory parade will be Tuesday at 11 a.m. starting at Boylston Street at Hereford Street, left onto Tremont Street to Cambridge Street, ending on Cambridge Street at City Hall.

Mayor Walsh said there will be no rally at City Hall and asked those going to the parade, to take public transportation.

Both the Mayor and Commissioner Gross also said there will be no drinking of beer or smoking marijuana in public. The Mayor even went as far as to say that folks could be arrested.

Boston Police and MBTA Transit Police will be adding extra officers both in uniform and in plain clothes.

There will also be street closures in the areas surrounding the parade route. As the parade makes its way past those streets closed, the Mayor says they will be reopened.

The Mayor said the city is expected to see upward of about a million people possibly come into Boston for the parade.

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