Billboard Hot 100 Joyner Lucas Drops “Broke and Stupid”

By Tiffany Williams –

Joyner Lucas took over the city of Worcester this week, shooting his new music video “Broke and Stupid.”

The Worcester based rapper who crossed over from the local stage to the bigger rap game arena might just have hit another home run with the latest samples that I’m hearing on social media.

On Youtube, Joyner’s new video “Broke and Stupid” as of 2 a.m. had 1,172,557 views.

Joyner is no longer an emerging rapper with a net worth estimated to be roughly $1 million dollars but his career in the game is still in its infancy and the rappers journey thus far has not been an easy one.

Joyner’s first major record contract came in September 2016 with Atlantic Records and although he has previously said, “I’m not here to be the best or feel that I’m the best or I’m going to be the best over the whole rap world,” some folks are keeping an eye on him and think otherwise.

Joyner got 2 nominations at the 61st Grammy Awards for Best Rap Song and Best Music Video.

Will his new song Broke and Stupid get him yet another Grammy nomination?

Well that is a question that only time will be able to tell but with his song ISIS featuring Logic did peak at 59 on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in June.

Joyner also made it on the Billboard Hot 100 twice in 2018.

Broke and Stupid is the third drop by Joyner this year and while ISIS made the Billboard Hot 100, I am optimistic that Broke and Stupid will follow in the way of ISIS.

Since hitting the bigger rap game arena, Joyner has not yet disappointed with any of his drops.

Real talk, Joyner continues to impress, continues to show just how talented he is with each drop that I have heard thus far but most importantly and unlike others, in Joyner you can always see that something greater is coming out the lab next.

As for “Broke and Stupid,” I give Joyner five thumbs up for this one. Four thumbs up for Joyner and the 5th thumbs up is for Worcester Police officer Danny Diaz for showing off his dance skills.

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